Rules of warranty service

The right to free warranty repair during the warranty period declared by the seller on this type of the goods and specified in the warranty card is provided to the client.

The guarantee is provided to the particular person (buyer), and claims from the third parties aren’t considered. In case of goods acquisition the buyer shall check independently completeness and physical damages of the goods since after claim acquisition concerning completeness and physical defects aren’t accepted.

Goods acceptance on warranty service is performed only in case of observance by the client of the following conditions:

1. Availability confirmed by a seal (stamp) of firm of the warranty card with indication of model, serial number and a warranty period of a product.

2. Availability of complete picking on this product (the list of picking is specified in the maintenance instruction). Appearance of a product shall correspond to its appearance at date of sale (safety of seals and stickers of the producer (seller), absence of scratches, attritions, physical damages and pollution).

3. Availability of the declared defect on a specific item. Products with indication of defects of general nature – doesn’t work”, “is buggy”, etc. in warranty repair aren’t accepted.

In exceptional cases the firm reserves the right to prolong term of warranty repair till 30 days. The warranty period is prolonged for time of stay of a product in the service center. In case of possibility of implementation of warranty repair the similar goods which is not yielding on the technical characteristics to the purchased product are issued to the client, and in the absence of that the refund at the smallest price chosen by the criteria satisfying following conditions is performed:

  • price of the last transaction;
  • price of the current price list;

Exchange and goods return during the first 14 days after purchase.

According to «The marine life protection act of the rights of the consumer» buyers of our shop have the right to exchange or return the goods purchased from us during the first 14 days after purchase.

Please, pay attention – only the new goods which wasn’t in the use are subject to an exchange or return and have no use traces: scratches, chips, attritions, on phone counter no more than 5 minutes of conversations, the software wasn’t exposed to changes, etc.

And as it shall be kept:

  • complete set of the goods;
  • integrity and all package components;
  • labels;
  • factory marking.

If the goods don’t work an exchange or return of the goods are made only in the presence of the conclusion of the service center authorized by the producer that service conditions aren’t broken.

The goods delivery on warranty service is performed by the client at own expense.

The firm doesn’t bear responsibility:

  • for incompatibility of the purchased goods with other products, both on program, and at hardware level, also doesn’t indemnify a loss put to the client with similar incompatibility;
  • for the direct or indirect losses which are growing out of use of services and products of firm, as profit or income loss, equipment downtime, software spoil, loss of data, replacement cost.

The guarantee and other liabilities don’t extend on:

  • all consumable materials (cartridges, toners);
  • replaceable data carriers (diskettes, CDR and CDRW disks);
  • fans;
  • rugs and accessories;
  • network filters,
  • cables,
  • adapters,
  • loops;
  • batteries of a food and accumulators (including on motherboards);
  • software, configuration of parameters of an operating system;
  • COM, LPT, VideoIN – VideoOUT, PS/2 controlers since failure of these devices is possible only for a cause of infringement of service regulations.

The goods of the above-stated group aren’t subject to an exchange and return.

The product isn’t accepted on guarantees and free repair isn’t made in the following cases:

  • Absence (loss) of the warranty card (in case of a loss the warranty card isn’t recovered);
  • In case of incomplete picking of a product (picking is specified in the warranty card or in the maintenance instruction);
  • In case of violation of seals, stickers, stickers of the producer, in case of detection of traces of their perekleyka or a remarkirovaniye;
  • In the presence of mechanical, electrotechnical, chemical damages of a surface or product and completeness components (visible changes of components, swellings, chips, dents);
  • also in the presence of the damages caused by use of non-standard consumable materials and spare parts;
  • Damages on the HDD case or other accessories and the products requiring care which can be interpreted as dints;
  • Violation of hermeticity of the block of disks and HDD heads (integrity of a tape гермозоны is broken);
  • The “blown-up” chips on a payment of the controler of HDD or on М/В that is a direct consequence of abuse of regulations of operation (abnormality of connection, giving of the wrong feeding tension, “hot” connection, neglect of rules of electrostatic safety, etc.);
  • the increased noise of the HDD engine;
  • in the warranty card changes or the corrections which have not been confirmed by a seal and the signature of the seller or the specialist of engineering office were made;
  • in the presence of traces of extraneous intervention or accomplishment of repair by extraneous persons or not authorized service centers;
  • in case of hit in a product of extraneous subjects, liquids, insects;
  • as a result of modification of a product design;
  • as a result of a damage caused by discrepancy to the State technical standards and regulations of feeding, telecommunication, cable networks, in particular, – lack of the general grounding contour;
  • the product was damaged in case of transportation; In each case the specialist of engineering office determines, whether service regulations, the product was damaged in case of transportation;
  • In each case the specialist of engineering office determines, whether service regulations, transportation and product storages were broken.

Rules of warranty service of end products (printers, copiers, monitors, uninterruptible power supplies).