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Order satellite switches DiSEqC.

Many owners of satellite television wondered how to realize the opportunity to watch as many interesting channels. Constantly announces new, interesting channels, which are often broadcast from different satellites. You receive information about the start of the new satellites and simple user thinks like to see all these channels without significant cost.

To solve this problem can switch DiSEqC, which enables you to measure signals from several converters to one receiver. DiSEqC system created as a universal standard for the control of peripheral equipment of satellite systems, which eventually had to replace all other methods of control.

DiSEqC standard has a number of interesting advantages, for example, to use DiSEqC switches enough coaxial cable that also passes the signal from the antenna to the receiver. Do not need any additional cables or wires.

With the help of DiSEqC switch, you can connect up to 10 converters and satellite dishes. In addition, you can do all these manipulations in reverse order and connect up to 16 TV sets to one satellite dish.

You can buy converters and switches DiSEqC high quality at affordable prices