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Order Receivers SuperBox with OS Linux.

Satellite receiver – a device for processing the satellite signal and transmitting the signal to a monitor or TV. From the receiver depends on the quality of sound and image, so it is important to take seriously the selection of the receiver.

There are several types of satellite receivers:

1. The receiver that can receive satellite TV signals are broadcast in public. This type of receiver is quite popular and is available for a wide range of users. It happens that this type of receiver can be operated with official cards.

2. Official terminals that are already integrated decoders work with official cards, there are also other access card slots. Typically, these receivers only work with some operators of satellite TV.

3. Multimedia receivers can record video to the hard drive, the user can view the video at a convenient time. Also, this type of receiver allows you to watch TV in different encodings and how to connect to a free and a premium service.

4. HD receivers – for television HD.

Recently, a very popular receivers with integrated hard disk and operating system Linux. On this receiver has the ability to record TV shows and watch them later at a convenient time for you.

You can buy converters and satellite switches.