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SuperBox converters for satellite TV.

Before buying a converter is not superfluous to understand what it is used and how it works to select the connector that podoytet it to your satellite system.
With the converter, you can receive signals from several satellites. It is placed at the focus parabollicheskoy satellite dish. Converters are used to convert the frequency Ku and C band to an intermediate frequency.

Currency is one of the most important parts of the satellite system. The converter can be Ku or C band, but with a range of modern times virtually no use, almost all channels broadcast the signal in Ku band. Universal converters fully accept all the Ku-band.

Previously, it was necessary to choose a converter very carefully because of the poor quality of the signal and its volatility was also a lot of models of varying quality. Today the situation is quite different. Quality converters became significantly better the stability and quality of the satellite signal. The site converters you can buy high quality products at attractive prices.

Also, the converter can be a different number of independent outputs. The most likely model common to one output, but there is a model with 2, 4, 8 outputs. Using these converters, you can watch channels from one satellite to multiple receivers.

You can buy receivers or DiSEqC switches and high quality and with a guarantee.