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Order receivers with operating system Linux, switches and converters SuperBox

Today, satellite TV is becoming increasingly popular. In our catalog you can order switches, converters and receivers SuperBox installed OS Linux.
How does satellite TV work? Satellite TV is a system in which the TV signal is transmitted from the television station, which is on the ground, to the consumer via satellites located in Earth orbit. Thanks to satellite TV, you can use the satellite even in the most remote regions.

To catch the TV signal from the satellite you want to use special equipment, since the signal is quite weak. To receive the signal from the satellite you will need: a receiver, cables, converters, switches and satellite dish.

Satellite antenna is needed for receiving the satellite signal, and the converter acts as a receiver that catches the signal reflected from the antenna. Satellite switches are also important and are used to receive signals simultaneously from several satellites.

Have satellite TV has a number of interesting advantages.

1. Satellite dishes catch signal wherever conventional TV is not working.
2. A wide range of channels to suit all tastes and any subject.
3. Lots of free channels. You spend money only for the installation of the system, and the monthly fee you pay is not necessary.

On our site you can buy quality equipment to adjust the satellite television.