Receivers, firmware, converters and switches SuperBox

In recent years, satellite TV is becoming increasingly popular, almost completely replaced conventional cable networks. The reasons are clear: a very large number of channels, rather low price for access to these channels and the equipment with which you can receive the signal directly from multiple satellites.

In the satellite television receiver is one of the main parts of the system. The receiver – a device that decodes the signal received from the antenna and converts it into a standard for us the video stream, which is already broadcast TV.

Modern models of receivers SUPER BOX fairly wide range of standard features that allow you to take channels from different satellites and connect external devices such as a computer keyboard.

In today’s market a lot of different receivers, but the receivers are very popular, which is running OS Linux.

Due to the installed OS Linux receiver becomes almost universal multimedia “combine”, which in addition to its core functions can be audio player. In addition, this receiver can be connected to the Internet, and even install the game. On our site you can order receivers operating system OS Linux.

Receiver Super Box could even replace your computer. All you need – is to connect your TV and use it as a monitor. You also need the mouse and keyboard. When you’re done, you can sit on the Internet, play games and use the receiver as good as a full-fledged computer.

This receiver replaces multiple devices and thus the prices are quite affordable for ordinary consumers. We offer a wide range of receivers Super Box, switches and satellite converters.